"Patrick ness is an insanely beautiful writer" - John green

Patrick ness is the author of a total of nine novels including: the knife of never letting go, the ask and the answer, monsters of men (as well as a monster calls) and the rest of us just live here

He has also written three short stories based on the chaos walking series, telling readers more background stories and information on characters such as Viola and her parents, Mistress Coyle and later the character's own fates.

Patrick Ness also writes screenplays including for his book A monster calls which is now in cinemas (or dvd if your reading this really late after I wrote this). Hopefully he will help write the screenplay for the knife of never letting go which is becoming a film in 2018.

Patrick Ness originally comes from the USA, and has lived in many states including Virginia, Hawaii, Washington and California. Finally in 1999, he moved to London, UK where he has lived ever since.

Patrick Ness has won many prices for his work including: Carnegie Medal (twice!), Costa Children's book award, the red house book award, the booktrust teenage prize and many others.

Patrick ness is also well known for amongst his fans as "writing beautiful detail to make us attached to his characters and giving them tragic ends". *spoiler* this is true at the end of Monsters of men.

More about him can be found on his very own website at: [1]

Patrick Ness

Patrick ness: author of the Chaos walking trilogy.