Benison "Ben" Moore is a character in the Chaos Walking trilogy. He is one Todd's adoptive fathers alongside Cillian Boyd.

Ben is portrayed by Demián Bichir in the film Chaos Walking.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

Ben and Cillian were friends of Todd's parents. When they died, they took in Todd. He convinced Cillian to come to New World with him, to live in a farm of wheat and sheep. Ben is kind and his Noise is blue or sometimes green, as said by Todd.

Chaos Walking trilogy[edit | edit source]

The Knife of Never Letting Go[edit | edit source]

He was thought to be dead after he went to help Cillian create a diversion, though this is untrue. He followed behind Todd and Viola, trying to find them, and met up with them at Carbonel Downs. The elders of Carbonel Downs believe him to be a spy when they find him, and even when he convinces them otherwise, they still try to kill him, as by the law. They let him go as the army is coming, and Ben, Todd and Viola continue running along the river.

Ben soon tells Todd and Viola the true history of Prentisstown and New World. Ben didn't think they'd actually kill the women, which is why he stayed, and he didn't fight the Mayor and didn't let Cillian so they could stay alive and protect Todd. Ben sacrifices himself again to buy Todd and Viola time to escape from Davy Prentiss Jr., and is once again thought to be dead.

Monsters of Men[edit | edit source]

Ben is healed and revived by the Spackle as a Spackle/human hybrid as he can communicate in both languages. He can Voice-talk, and he can regular talk.

Chaos Walking (film)[edit | edit source]


Relations[edit | edit source]

Cillian Boyd[edit | edit source]

Cillian is Ben's partner/potental husband.

Todd Hewitt[edit | edit source]

Todd Hewitt is Ben's adoptive son.

Todd's Mother[edit | edit source]

Ben, were friends with Todd's mother before she died.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was never established if Ben and Cillian are in a romantic relationship in the books. However, it was confirmed by Patrick Ness himself that Ben and Cillian are a couple. Ben and Cillian's relationship might be the first LGBT+ couple with children shown in a book before LGBT+ couples were in modern mainstrean novels.

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