• Viola e-a-d-e

    Basically the great british bake off but better.

    • Wilf 
    • Ben 
    • 1017

    • Todd
    • Viola
    • Lee
    • Mistress Lawson
    • Bradley

    (Info on contestants in order of elimination)

    Horrible Cooking
    Low-Key poisons judges
    Cant read recipie 
    Throws tantrum and is let on panel

    Gets competitive 
    Starts yelling at Bradley
    Makes Bradley cry
    Smacks Bradley's food from his hands

    Lights something on fire 
    Cries a lot 
    Pushes Mistress Lawson
    Pretends to know how to cook
    "Jokes on you i dont even know how to cook suckerssss"

    Makes a big show of smelling the food
    Prude about new recipies
    Sore loser
    Refuses normal measurements 
    One of the only two who can actually cook

    Show off
    Cooks something gourment 
    Bad winner
    Uses weird ingredients

    Profound statements about food
    Actually knows wh…

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  • Viola e-a-d-e

    quality content

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  • Viola e-a-d-e

    hi there!

    September 23, 2017 by Viola e-a-d-e

    Hi!  im completely new to this site, but i LOVE Chaos Walking and I think it seems really fun to edit here and be part of a communiy!

    (I can also contribute chaos walking memes me and my friends have made)

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  • KC Jones

    Hey! :-)

    March 1, 2016 by KC Jones

    I suck at Geometry but now I know how to do it!

    Surface Area and Volume, Part 2
    How would you solve these problems? Ratios in Surface Area?

    For instance, if there are 15 ham sandwiches on a table and 12 cheese sandwiches, the ratio of ham sandwiches to cheese sandwiches is 15/12 15 over 12, or in simplest terms, 5/4 5 over 4. This ratio can also be written as 5:4 (5 to 4) and is read as "5 to 4." So, for every five ham sandwiches on the table there are four cheese sandwiches.

    For two integers, a and b, where b ≠ 0, all of the following are true.

    1. A ratio may be written as a over a/b, a:b, “a to b”

    2. The ratio a over b equals 1 if a equals a = b

    Where a and b are greater than 0,

    3. The ratio a/b (a over b) > 1 if a > b

    4. The ratio a/b < 1 if a <…

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  • Spookystorm

    Back on the Horse

    June 22, 2012 by Spookystorm

    Hi all,

    Sorry about being gone for so long. I am going to try and edit more often.

    Only a short blog post. Nothing much else to say.

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  • Spookystorm

    I'm an admin!

    December 20, 2011 by Spookystorm

    Hello! This is my first blog post and I am an admin! :)

    In other news, I have a few friends who have also read this trilogy and I will try to get them on board. I will get them to help expand this wiki. Bye!

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  • Happinessmachine

    Who is admin?

    August 18, 2011 by Happinessmachine

    Hi. As the title suggests, I was wondering who is admin? I tried looking around to find out, but I can't find out who is. If you know the admin, can you please tell me? I'd like to contact them to ask if I can be a part of staff or if they would be able to update the homepage of the Chaos walking wiki.

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