Bradley is a human settler who comes to New World on the second settler ship. He is a caretaker on Beta and knows Viola and her parents before they leave on the first scout ship. Bradley journeys on the second scout ship with Simone to find out what happened to the Eades. They land near to New Prentisstown. He is the person who most desperately wants peace with the spackle, and is deeply angered by any action taken against them, especially violent ones. He harbours romantic feelings for Simone, although those feelings are not returned. He is unpleasantly surprised when he discovers the Noise after landing on the New World, and it makes Simone upset to hear Bradley's thoughts towards her. He is later called "The Humanitarian" by Ivan because of his thoughts towards peace. He only officially is seen in Monsters of Men, although he's also briefly mentioned in The Ask and the Answer and seen in the novella The New World.