Mr. Hammar was an original Prentisstown man. He's shown as sadistic and often thinks about other people getting tortured whilst in his house back in the first Prentisstown . In the sequel, he carries out the tortures of the suspected members of the Answer in the Office of the Ask. He also kills Viola's friend and Mistress Coyle's apprentice, Maddy . He becomes a Sergeant, and later a Captain under President Prentiss's rule.

In the series Edit

The Knife of Never Letting Go: Edit

Todd walks past Mr. Hammar's house near the broken petrol station while returning home from the swamp. He explains that Hammar is sadistic and will purposely aim his Noise at you. This consists of bloody and messy pictures of yourself. Todd gets into a Noise fight with him, where Todd manages to walk past his house safely.

Later on, Todd and Viola see Mr. Hammar in the army that is attacking Farbranch. Through Viola's binoculars Todd sees him shooting at women trying to save children.

The Ask and the Answer: Edit

After Mayor Prentiss's takeover of Haven , Mr. Hammar becomes Sergeant Hammer under his rule. He appears on horseback during the Mayor's speech in front of the cathedral, along with some other Mayor's men.

Mr Hammar kills an apprentice of Mistress Coyle, Maddy, when he spots her and Viola sneaking around during the night. He is arrested and due for execution, as a sign from President Prentiss that a lawful civiization should be created. However, when terrorist organisation ("The Answer") forms and starts bombing New Prentisstown, he is released.

Mr Hammar later becomes an ‘Officer of the Ask’ as citizens of New Pretisstown start to be brought in to the ‘Office of the Ask’ for ‘Asking’ - a euphemism for relentless interrogation involving torture - something Mr Hammer is seen happily undertaking, notably on Viola Eade.

Monsters of Men: Edit

Mr. Hammar dies in the Spackle attack, killed by the flaming weapon of the Spackle.