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    March 1, 2016 by KC Jones

    I suck at Geometry but now I know how to do it!

    Surface Area and Volume, Part 2
    How would you solve these problems? Ratios in Surface Area?

    For instance, if there are 15 ham sandwiches on a table and 12 cheese sandwiches, the ratio of ham sandwiches to cheese sandwiches is 15/12 15 over 12, or in simplest terms, 5/4 5 over 4. This ratio can also be written as 5:4 (5 to 4) and is read as "5 to 4." So, for every five ham sandwiches on the table there are four cheese sandwiches.

    For two integers, a and b, where b ≠ 0, all of the following are true.

    1. A ratio may be written as a over a/b, a:b, “a to b”

    2. The ratio a over b equals 1 if a equals a = b

    Where a and b are greater than 0,

    3. The ratio a/b (a over b) > 1 if a > b

    4. The ratio a/b < 1 if a <…

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